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Wednesday October 2, 2002

I've finally made a new object for this site! It is a new lamp. You can download it under objects then lighting.

Thursday September 26, 2002

I've just noticed that the company that provides the hit counter for this site (Beseen) has decided to no longer offer there services so I have no idea how many hits this site is getting. I am looking for a new hit counter but so far I haven't found any that I like. If you know of any really good free hit counters please let me know

Friday September 20, 2002

I've had a really hard time finding a font that I like for this site that everyone should have so I have just decided to use the Times New Roman font. I think everyone should have this font but if you don't please let me know, if you don't have it the text on all of the pages should appear in Arial.
Arial Times New Roman, the word Arial should look different than the text that says Times New Roman, if it doesn't look different please e-mail me.

Saturday August 10, 2002

I've noticed now that there are a lot of people who do not have the font named Jester. Jester is the font that I have used for all of the text on this site so all the text probably is showing up in arial for most of you. I am going to change the text that all the pages use as soon as I can find a good one that most people have. If you have some suggestions for the font I should use please e-mail me your suggestion.

Thursday July 18, 2002

Today I changed the way you get to the skins. You now select what category of skins you want to view. I also added 5 new female skins.

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